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Knowlton stump grinding tells the things to know about stump grinding

If your property has ever witnessed a tree removal, then you must know that following tree removal, A gigantic stump is left behind in its place. But, often, people remain clueless about what to do with the tree stump.

Huge tree stumps can obstruct new plantings and destroy the visual magnificence of your property. Experts offering Knowlton stump grinding services say that unattended tree stumps can also impose potential hazards.

If you are considering stump grinding shortly, learn some interesting facts about the process from Knowlton stump grinding services:

  1. Stump grinding is the process of evacuating a stump manually by using specialized machines. After tree removal, the stump is shredded into tiny pieces, flattening it approximately 150-300 cm below the ground level. According to the expert arborists from Anytime Property Maintenance by stump grinding, all the visible traces of the tree stump can be eliminated without using any harsh chemicals.

Stump grinding has several benefits for your property like:

  • It improves the visual aesthetics of your property.
  • It offers safe and convenient access to your property.
  • It prevents the stumps from decaying and thus avoids breeding pests and snakes.
  • Rotting wood is a favorable place for fungal growth. Stump grinding eliminates the possible areas for fungi to multiply.
  1. During stump grinding, only the part that sticks out of the soil is removed. Therefore, it does not hamper the tree’s root system. However, it cannot grow any longer. Hence, with stump grinding, you get a pile of wood chips which you can later use as forest mulch and make the other trees healthier.
  2. The cost of stump grinding varies depending upon the circumference of the stump and the type of the tree’s shoot system. For example, expert arborists from Anytime Property Maintenance say that some trees have stems of harder wood, making them difficult to grind.
  3. Stump grinding is a task that should be left solely to the professionals. Stump grinding requires heavy-duty machines, which are quite difficult to handle. If mishandled, it can put you and others in great danger. However, experienced arborists know how to handle a stump grinder without damaging the underground plumbing, cabling, or water lines.

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