Pohatcong Tree Service Talk About the Benefits of Forest Mulch for Trees

Forest mulchis tiny wood chips that come from the trees when processed through a woodchopper. Forest mulch consists of wood particles from different species of trees. In addition, the forest mulch contains wood chips of various sizes.

Arborists offering Pohatcong tree services say that two types of forest mulch products are usually available- aged mulch and fresh mulch. Experts from Anytime Property Maintenance opine that, in general, forest mulch is directly supplied from the arborists’ trucks. Fresh forest mulch contains young twigs and branches. On the contrary, aged forest mulch does not have greenery. The green twigs and stems are decomposed, and only the wood chip remains.

But what are the benefits of using forest mulch for your trees? Continue reading to learn more:

According to the experts of Anytime Property Maintenance, the forest mulch acts pretty much the same way a sunscreen would act for your skin. It creates a defensive layer over the soil, locking in the moisture, forestalling evaporation of nutrients, and keeping the ground cool and moist. Pohatcong tree services experts say that you can maintain healthy trees without having to water them less by using forest mulch.

In addition, professional arborists from Anytime Property Maintenance say that forest mulch is also an excellent naturally-occurring weed suppressant. Thus, when you use forest mulch, the time you have to weed your garden reduces significantly. Just apply a thick layer of aged forest mulch, and you are good to go!

If you are thinking about your garden’s visual appeal, then note that wood chip mulch looks fantastic. It is pretty long-lasting as well. Contingent upon the location and size of your garden, aged forest mulch can be reapplied annually. It is a much longer-lasting and better alternative to soft composts.

For best results, a thick and even layer of forest mulch should be applied to the grass beds of your garden. You can also use it around the trees. This will facilitate partial composting and will also provide a decent insulation layer. However, while applying mulch around shrubs and shorter trees, remember to leave a small gap near the stem base. This will protect the trees from insect infestations.

You can apply forest mulch to your garden any time of the year. But to make the most of its excellent properties, using it in the spring-summer season is the best bet. In the winter months, you can also apply to prevent the trees from drying down.

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