Tree Service

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Anytime Property Maintenance ‘LLC’ is ready and willing to travel wherever the property maintenance job may be. Our company cares about you, the customer, and what your vision is for the job site or personal property. We have the experience, manpower and equipment to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Tree Trimming and Shaping

Trees can be trimmed in different ways, depending on the circumstances. Their shape and size can be controlled as in the umbrella shapes seen on some street trees to reduce the size of the crown. A more loose and natural shape may be desired where the crown is reduced, but the shape is maintained as it would grow naturally. Shaping also includes polarizing, topiary and espaliered trees and shrubs.

Tree Removal

Tree removal New Jersey is the most hazardous job performed by tree service companies. At Anytime Property Maintenance ‘LLC’ Tree Service Co. Division, our representatives evaluate the tree(s) and the site involved. Our tree crews are skilled, experienced and efficient at safely removing hazardous trees.

The average tree removal requires $100,000 – $500,000 worth of equipment on site. In short, our crews are prepared to cut down trees both large and small. After cutting the tree(s) down, you can be assured that our team will provide a thorough clean up of debris.

Stump Removal

Like most people, you’d probably like to remove the stump after having a tree removed from your your yard. If you don’t, you’ll continuously have to mow around it, and it can be rather unsightly. There are several different ways to remove a stump, but the fastest and most efficient method is to grind it away. Stump grinding is the preferred way to remove a stump.

Storm and Wind Damage Repair

The maintenance history of trees affects their performance during ice, snow, or wind storms. Trees that have been neglected or improperly pruned may
sustain more injury than trees that were carefully maintained. Failure to maintain a central leader or to remove weakly attached branches when the tree was young can increase the probability of damage by storms in later years.

Anytime Property Maintenance ‘LLC’ Tree Service has the experience and know-how to repair or remove storm damaged trees. Our specialists are experts in removing tree debris from your home or other buildings without causing additional damage and will work with your insurance company to get the job done with minimal cost to you.

Brush Chipping

Brush chipping is an excellent option for debris removal if you decide to trim your own trees, as it can be more economical than hauling and safer than burning. An added bonus is that our customers can choose to keep the chips as mulch for landscaping or erosion control. For those of you who don’t have the resources or time to dispose of the brush or decide the disposal portion is more than you want to take on, we offer an hourly brush chipping service.

The rate for Wood Chipping is charged by the hour. The rate covers a 2 man crew, dump truck, and chipper. We can supply extra personnel at an additional charge, if necessary.

Log Removal

Do you need help clearing your yard of debris? With our log removal service, we’ll help you remove fallen trees and debris. You can have a clean yard in no time when you use our dedicated team to get the job done.

Of course we have the resources to chip the logs and other debris into mulch you may use around your property. The rate for Wood Chipping is charged by the hour. The rate covers a 2 man crew, a dump truck, and a chipper. We can supply extra personnel at an additional charge, if necessary.