Great Meadows Tree Services talk about the things to know about tree lopping

Trees are an essential part of nature, as well as our lives. Expert arborists at Anytime Property Maintenance opine that the trees increase the aesthetic appeal of the homes as well and thus increase their value.

Apart from being an essential component of the ecosystem and the producer of the elixir of life, aka oxygen, trees are also beneficial in minimizing storm water runoff and preventing soil erosion.

However, as a homeowner, you should never forget that the trees can only be an asset to your yard when they are appropriately maintained. Conversely, negligence in tree maintenance can lead you to a dangerous situation.

To keep such situations at bay, experts associated with Green Meadows tree services have shared their valuable insights on tree lopping and why it is crucial for tree maintenance:

Arborists from Anytime Property Maintenance say that tree lopping is the practice of removing the branches from the topmost part of a tree to get desired results like less light or more shade in a particular area. In short, tree lopping involves chopping off overgrown branches, so they do not encroach on buildings, causing accidents and damage to the property.

But tree lopping has some consequences as well. Experts offering Green Meadows tree services say that the process of tree lopping put them into a shock. Consequently, the branches start dying because of a lack of foliage. In the long run, it disturbs the natural growth cycle of the tree. In addition, the large wounds formed on the trees due to tree lopping become decay points for the trees later.

Thus, ultimately it leads to the formation of an unbalanced structure. This structure needs more maintenance to ensure the safety of the pedestrians walking under them and the properties surrounding the tree.

Trusted companies like Anytime Property Maintenance usually do not recommend tree lopping. However, in unavoidable circumstances, where lopping is the last resort, it is crucial to designate a professional and experienced arborist to execute the job. A skilled and trained arborist will have adequate tree maintenance and aftercare knowledge. Furthermore, they know precisely the sections to chop off to obtain the desired outcomes while causing minimum damage to the trees.

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