Annandale Tree Service Share the Importance of Replanting After Tree Removal

Tree removal is a necessary step to ensure the safety of our homes, improve their functionality and enhance the aesthetics of our properties. However, experts offering Annandale tree service opine that we often forget about another essential thing, i.e., replanting with the tree removal done.

Expert arborists from Anytime Property Maintenance have shared a few reasons why replanting is essential after tree removal. Continue reading:

  1. Increased value of the property

While an overgrown unattended tree can diminish the value of your property, a well-maintained and strategically positioned tree can significantly enhance the visual aesthetics of your property. Hence, the value of your property will go higher after replantation.

Experts offering Annandale tree service opine that- make sure to remove unsightly, poorly positioned, or overgrown trees and replace them with more suitable species that complement the style of your property and appear more appealing visually. Understand that native species are easier to plant and establish. Moreover, they grow better in warm coastal regions.

  1. Trees are natural sound buffers

Anytime Property Maintenance experts say that- if you want to reduce noise in your home from the busy roads and loud neighbors, Plant a hedge. For an excellent hedge, you can choose dense trees, like Lilly Pilly, which has a noise reduction capacity of several decibels. These trees are a natural yet effective alternative to sound-insulated boards. Also, these are abundantly available, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. You can also opt for varieties such as Resilience for hedging and privacy screening.

  1. Climate control

With modern electronic gadgets, it is easy to forget the simplicity of enjoying a calm and serene atmosphere under the shade of a tree. You can create your personal Oasis in the backyard of your house with a shady feature tree.

With regular pruning, you can keep the tree canopy under control and just like how and where you want it. This feature tree provides excellent cooling in summer and reduces wind load in chilly winters.

So you see, apart from providing us with oxygen, drills also play several other essential roles in our lives and for the environment. Hence, the next time you get in touch with Anytime Property Maintenance for tree removal, make an oath to replant trees as well and do something for the environment.

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