Get top quality salt and calcium ice melt products at a cost-effective price in Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ

If you are looking for the most powerful ice melting ingredient in the market, then calcium chloride should be your top choice. Calcium chloride is used for various purposes including dust control, refrigeration, and melting ice. It is usually available in liquid formulation but as an ice melter, it is provided in pellet or flake form. If you are willing to use calcium chloride in residential or commercial spaces then know the benefits of using this de-icing agent.

Calcium chloride is one of the most popular ice melting products in the USA. It is widely used in commercial buildings as a de-icing compound. Although many people use rock salt or sodium chloride, calcium chloride has been the preferred choice over rock salt in the last few years. Calcium chloride is one of the quickest melting de-icing products available on the market. This is the reason why calcium chloride ice melt continues to rise in popularity.

For instance, rock salt can work until the temperature reaches -6°F, which is its eutectic temperature while the practical working temperature of this compound is 20°F. On the other hand, the practical temperature of calcium chloride goes beyond -25°F. Parts of Northern America and Canada see extreme cold conditions during the winter season. Hence, it is important to stock up something that you could use even if the temperature goes a little low. Rock salt stops working at lower temperatures and gets re-frozen when the conditions get worse overnight. Calcium chloride indeed costs a bit more than rock salt, urea, and other types of ice melt. But when it comes to results, calcium chloride ranks higher than others. Calcium chloride can melt ice very quickly and can work at very low temperatures. If you are looking for salt and calcium ice melt in Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ, then contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC as soon as possible.

The biggest problem with sodium chloride is its sodium content which can harm plant life. As the rock salt mixes with water, the salt ions eliminate important nutrients in the soil making it unavailable for the plants. This harms the solid structure and plant life as well. Also, the salt absorbs the much-needed water from the soil making it difficult for plants to survive. On the other hand, calcium chloride is environmentally safe. Moreover, it has a beneficial compound inside the soil which could improve the soil structure.

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