Get pet-friendly salt ice melt at a cost-effective price in Long Valley, NJ and Far Hills, NJ

Many parts of the United States experience extreme cold conditions during the winter season. In such conditions, ice melts are an absolute necessity. It keeps sidewalks clear, keeps parking lots clean, ensures that your driveways are ice-free and safe for driving. However, if you have pets in your house, then while choosing ice melt products, you need to be extra careful. Not all types of ice melts are safe for pets. Some can create irritation to the paws and skin of your pet while others can make your pet sick if ingested.

No ice melts are completely safe for pets. Although, some ice melts are safer than others as they carry a lesser risk. Dr. Sarah Gorman, who is the associate veterinarian at Boston Animal Hospital said ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Centre declared every ice melt product unhealthy for pets. The chemical irritants of ice melt can cause gastrointestinal signs such as diarrhea and vomiting to your pets. It can also cause irritation in paw pads and skin. Prolonged exposure to ice melt products can expose your pet to major health diseases.

You will find various types of ice melt products in the market. Rock salt or sodium chloride is one of the most popular ice melt products in parts of Northern America and Canada. However, this compound is also not very safe for pets. Many veterinarians suggest keeping your pets away from rock salt and prolonged usage of it can have an irritating effect on your dog’s paws. Although, there are some other de-icing agents that are safer for dogs and cats than sodium chloride. Propylene glycol ice melt is one of the safest ice melts available on the market. You should also know that this compound includes urea as an active ingredient which makes it less effective than other ice melt options such as calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

Also, never use Ethylene glycol-based ice melts if you have pets. It is very harmful to the health of your dog. However, pet owners need to take more responsibility to keep their dogs and cats safe from ice melts. For instance, if you take your dog for a walk in an area treated with ice-melts, then after returning home you must clean your pet’s feet properly. These simple steps can mitigate ice-melts dangers. You can contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC for pet-friendly salt ice melt in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ.

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