Know why you should use calcium chloride in this winter season in Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ

With the winter season just a few days away, it is the right time to stock up all necessary things that could save you and your family members from any potential injury and protect key areas of your residential area from harsh frosts. In the USA, two types of ice-melting product have wide popularity throughout the country- Sodium chloride or rock salt and calcium chloride. Rock Salt is cheaper which is why many people invest their hard-earned money buying this de-icing product. However, it suffers from several limitations that many of them are not aware of. Calcium chloride can perform better than sodium chloride in almost every way. Here we will highlight the numerous benefits of using calcium chloride over rock salt.

Calcium chloride is a compound known as the chemical formula CaCl2. It is an exothermic compound which makes it more perfect for the task of melting ice and snow. It is the most widely used as an alternative to other ice-melting products sodium chloride or rock salt. Although calcium chloride is used in various things including road surfacing or the manufacture of processed foods, de-icing is the reason for a large volume of calcium chloride produced every year.

One of the top reasons for calcium chloride becoming a popular ice-melting product is because its performance at the lowest temperatures. This compound can outperform any other ice-melting compound in col conditions. For example, rock salt can operate until it reaches its eutectic temperature which is -6°F while the practical working temperature of this compound is 20°F. On the other hand, the practical working temperature of calcium chloride can go beyond -25°F. We, Anytime Property Maintenance LLC are a well-established and reliable calcium distributor for ice melt in Easton, PA, and Hackettstown, NJ.

Northern America and Canada experience extremely cold winters where people need to stock something that could work even at lower temperatures. Other compounds like rock salt stop working in lower temperatures. Patches of ice in driveways, lawns, and other pathways become dangerous at night time. By buying calcium chloride ice melt, you can be assured that you are safe even during the coldest mornings and evenings. If you are looking for a calcium distributor for ice melt in Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ, then come to Anytime Property Maintenance LLC today. We can provide premium and organic calcium chloride ice melt for you that can fulfill your domestic de-icing needs. Contact us to get premium quality calcium chloride products in Easton, PA, and Hackettstown, NJ. Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.



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