Calcium chloride or sodium chloride: which is better for melting ice?

Many parts of our country see heavy snowfall during the winter season which causes slippery roads and pavements full of ice and snow. To continue daily activities, you need to use ice-melting products on the roads and sidewalks. Calcium chloride and sodium chloride or rock salt are the most widely used ice-melting products in our country. You need to decide which de-icing agent you need in your weather. Sometimes one can outperform the other while sometimes a combination of both can work as a perfect solution.

Sodium chloride or rock salt is a cheaper and most accessible option for most people in the USA. This compound can be found all over the world which makes it easily available for all people. Rock salt is an ideal ice melt solution for most people as it is more affordable, accessible and lowers the freezing point of the water more effectively.

Apart from price, it is important to know the ice penetration rate and what temperatures the de-icing agents work. Calcium chloride is the better performer here with the ability to go at temperatures as low as -20°F. This is exceptional comparing other ice-melt products. Rock salt can melt ice when the temperature is above 20°F which means it is perfect for mild weather. On the other hand, if you live in a place that experiences extremely cold temperatures, use calcium chloride. You can contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC to get salt and calcium ice melt products and services in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ.

Rock salt is not an environmental-friendly compound which can cause problems for business or residential spaces that have plants and lawns just next to their parking lots and pavement. Overusing rock salt can harm plant life and also can change the structure of the soil. Calcium chloride is not as harmful to plants as sodium chloride. It does have less of an impact on soil and plants. Also, calcium chloride is easier on concrete such as pavements and parking lots.

When it comes to the speed of melting, calcium chloride has the edge over sodium chloride or rock salt.  On the other hand, calcium chloride absorbs water quickly and also changes the melting point making it a quicker ice-melting product than rock salt. Come to Anytime Property Maintenance LLC to buy salt and calcium ice melt products and services in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ. Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.

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