Know why you should use calcium chloride ice melt in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ

As the winter season is just a few months away, this is time for homeowners to store de-icers that could protect them from any kind of injury. Using ice melts can protect your garden, driveways, pavements during the winter season. In the U.S, sodium chloride and calcium chloride are two ice melt products that people use the most. Rock salt or sodium chloride is cost-effective. However, many people buy it without knowing that it suffers from various limitations. Here we will talk about calcium chloride which can outperform rock salt in almost every way.

Calcium chloride is a compound that looks like a white crystalline solid and is highly soluble in water. It is exothermic which means it can produce heat when mixed with moisture. Calcium chloride is used as an alternative to sodium-based rock salt. Calcium chloride is also used in several works such as road surfacing and the manufacture of processed foods. However, it is produced in a significant volume each year for de-icing. Calcium chloride is widely accepted as one of the best ice melt products by experts. It can outperform rock in almost every attribute barring the price. We, Anytime Property Maintenance LLC are a reliable calcium distributor for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ.

Calcium chloride performs better at lower temperatures. It can outperform any other de-icing compound when it comes to performing in cold conditions. Its biggest competitor rock salt can work until the temperature reaches its eutectic temperature -6°F. On the other hand, calcium chloride can work until the temperature can go beyond -25°F. If you live in Northern America or Canada, where the temperature dip often, you need a product that can work even at lower temperatures. Products like rock salt can stop working at lower temperatures.

Calcium chloride can help improve the soil structure of your property. Sodium chloride is quite harmful to plant life. Once mixed with water, its salt ions can separate and replace important nutrients in the soil. It could damage your overall soil structure and reduce the ability to produce chlorophyll. By contrast, calcium chloride ay better for your soil as it helps to improve its structure. Calcium is a crucial nutrient for soil. Also, calcium chloride is safe for your pets when compared to sodium chloride. If you are looking for a calcium distributor for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ, then contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC now. Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.


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