Know how to keep your pets safe during winter Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ

Many parts of the United States see snow and ice during the winter months. It’s not easy to live in such harsh conditions and to beat the ice on the road, people need to use ice melts a lot. However, these ice melts can pose threats to our furry friends. You can find various types of ice melt in the market though sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride are some of the ice melts that are commonly used across the region. You need to know that ice melts are quite dangerous for pets. Although they don’t typically eat the compound, it can be ingested into their body if they lick their feet after walking over a place that is treated with ice melt recently.
Although. most ingestions are accidental, still, you need to be cautious because many pets like the salty taste of ice melt and might eat it directly from the packaging. This way your pet can be exposed to serious health concerns. Stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea are some common problems your pet might ace after ingesting the compound. Sometimes, these symptoms can be severe and cause dehydration as well. Companies like Anytime Property Maintenance LLC can provide you pet-friendly salt Ice melt in Easton, PA, and Hackettstown, NJ.
According to experts, pet-friendly ice melts are urea or magnesium chloride. However, these ingredients can also cause stomach upset in your pet. People need to use ice melts during the winter season to avoid slipping and falling. These few things can reduce the possibility of potential problems for your pets.

1. Stop your pets from eating snow outside. Keep an eye all the time on your pets when they are outside. Also, don’t bring your pets somewhere that is recently treated with ice melt.
2. Wipe the paws of your pets as soon as they are back from outside. You need to clean your pet’s paws with damp cloths and baby wipes. Make sure they don’t lick their paws until it is completely clean. It can reduce the risk of skin irritation that could come after walking on surfaces treated with ice melts.
3. Many dogs hurt their paw pads after coming into contact with ice melts. If your dog’s paw pads get irritated, cracked, or bleeding from the ice melts, then you can use paw wax to keep their sensitive feet safe.
4. Also, keep all ice melt packaging out of your pet’s reach.
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