5 tree cutting tips and techniques shared by Bedminster tree services

People who have trees near their house or within their housing premises should know a bit about tree cutting and trimming to easily cut the trees or trim the dead limbs whenever needed.

Also, if they know the proper techniques, they can easily maintain the trees and take appropriate care. This would also enable them to maintain safety on the premises and safe from dangerous situations.

Anytime Property Maintenance LLC. is a reliable company offering Bedminster tree services. Let’s check out 5 tree cutting tips from their expert arborists:

Wear the Right Safety Gear

Safety gears are the 1st and most important thing while going for tree cutting. People should always wear the necessary safety gear to maintain their safety during tree cutting. This tip must be strictly followed as the individual’s life is more important than the tree. If one mistake, then it might be hazardous.

Companies associated with Bedminster tree services say-One must be having all the necessary clothing while tree cutting as the machines and tools are powerful. So, boots, vest, goggles, and gloves must be worn before the stump grinding is performed.

Buy Felling Wedges

This technique would help a lot for the in-house tree cutters. Two plastic felling wedges would save the blade/cutter from becoming constricted when cutting. These would be available at any industrial heavy machinery retailer that provides chainsaws.

Estimate the Felling Zone: How to fell a tree in the direction you want

Trees are higher than most people believe and extend further into the earth than one may assume. Therefore, whenever a person intends to fell a tree, they could use the “axe handle technique” to predict in which direction or position the tree would land. This is how to fell a tree in an intended way: Shut one eye and step away or walk forward the tree until the peak of the axe is even with the treetop and the bottom is even with the ground. The feet should be roughly where the treetop would be once it has fallen.

Clear a Cutting Zone

The space where the tree would be cut down must be adequately cleared, and the zone/space where the tree would be cut down must be properly cleared.

Anatomy of a Proper Notch

Before tree removal, the width of the cut should be one-fifth of the circumference of the tree stump.  The felling edge must reach the notch’s apex. Whenever the tree starts falling, the hinge would assist in guiding the tree in the proper position.


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