Know why you should use calcium chloride ice melt in Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ

As the winter season is a few months away, it is important to stock up de-icers to protect your family from any potential injury and also to save your garden during the cold condition. When it comes to buying ice melt products, many people like to rely on rock salt or sodium chloride. Rock salt is, without doubt, a good ice melter but it has several limitations which might be unknown to many people. However, calcium chloride is an ice melt that can outperform conventional rock salt any day. Also, sodium chloride can cause damage to plants which calcium chloride doesn’t.

Calcium chloride is a popular ice melter that is widely used as an alternative to sodium-based rock salt in many parts of Northern America and Canada during the winter season. Although calcium chloride is produced for road surfacing and the manufacture of processed food, most of this compound is produced for ice melting every year. It is getting popular day by day due to its superior performance to the previously-leading ice melter sodium chloride or rock salt. Today, experts have accepted that calcium chloride can outperform rock salt in every possible way, other than cost. Take help from Anytime Property Maintenance LLC if you need a calcium distributor for ice melt in Easton, PA, and Hackettstown, NJ.

Calcium chloride can perform better in the lowest temperatures. This is one of the biggest reasons for the rising popularity of the compound. Calcium chloride can easily outperform any other de-icing products available in the market. It can work until the temperature reaches beyond -25°F. On the other hand, rock salt can work until the working temperature reaches -6°F. Many places in Canada and Northern America experience lower temperatures. In such conditions, it is better to buy something that can serve you even if the temperature gets down unexpectedly. By using proper ice melters you can make your driveways, lawns, and other pathways safer even under cover of darkness.

Calcium chloride is a de-icer that can cover a large area even if you use it in a small amount. It can attract moisture such as snow and ice and is highly soluble in water. Also, calcium chloride is good for plant life and helps to improve the soil structure. On the other hand, rock salt has sodium content which is not environmentally safe. Calcium chloride is way more beneficial when used on the soil than sodium chloride. Contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC for calcium distributor for ice meltin Easton, PA and Hackettstown, NJ. Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.

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