Know why you should use calcium chloride ice melt during winter season in Long Valley, NJ and Far Hills, NJ

With the winter season just a few months away, it is time to store de-icer to protect yourself or your loved ones from any danger or potential injury during harsh frosts. Many people believe that rock salt or sodium chloride is the best de-icing product available in the market. Although it works fine as a de-icing product, sodium chloride suffers from several limitations that should work as a disadvantage for the user. On the other hand, calcium chloride outperforms conventional sodium chloride in every way. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t inflict any harm to plant life.

Calcium chloride, which is a compound with a chemical formula of CaCl2. It is an exothermic compound that creates heat when mixed with a mixture, making it easy the melting process of ice and snow. Calcium chloride is the most used de-icing product in the country other than rock salt. Calcium chloride is also used in road surfacing and manufacturing processed foods but the most significant volume of calcium chloride is produced for de-icing. If you are looking for calcium distributors for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ and Far Hills, NJ, then contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC today.

Calcium chloride performs better at lower temperatures. This is one of the top reasons why ice melt continues to rise in popularity. It also performs a lot better than other ice-melting compounds. For instance, rock salt can work until it reaches its lowest possible ice-melting point which is -6°F while the practical working temperature of this compound is 20°F. On the other hand, calcium chloride can work until it reaches its eutectic temperature, -25°F, meaning it can go nearly 25 degrees Fahrenheit lower than magnesium chloride which is the send best performing de-icer.

Canada and parts of Northern America get cold in the winter season. You should stock something that could work at lower temperatures. Buying calcium chloride means you don’t have to be worried during the coldest mornings and evenings. Calcium chloride doesn’t need to be used in a large amount. You can use a small amount of calcium chloride on a large surface. It is also environmentally safe. The problem people face with rock salt is its sodium content. It can cause damage to plant life. However, calcium chloride is a compound that can be used on soil easily. Contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC to get calcium distributors for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ, and Far Hills, NJ.Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.


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