What is calcium chloride and how does it melt ice?

As the temperature starts to go lower, it is important to stock up every possible supply to stay as safe as possible. Many unfortunate events such as auto issues, accidental falls, and car accidents can occur during the winter months. However, if you can stay vigilant, take all necessary precautions, and combat these potential threats, then you’ll be safe. It is crucial to buy good-quality ice melters when conditions get tough.  You’ll find many ice melt products in the market that have their uniqueness and effectiveness when it comes to melting your sidewalks, roads, and driveways. Here we will talk about the benefits of using calcium chloride ice melt.

Calcium chloride (CaCI2) is one of the most popular non-sodium chloride ice melts. Being an exothermic compound, it produces heat and moisture. It also attracts moisture from the atmosphere causing a chemical reaction. Due to this chemical reaction, the creation of a brine mixture occurs. The brine mixture is made up of salt and water. Because of this same reason, heat gets produced as a result. This heat fuels the ice melting process which makes calcium chloride an excellent de-icing product.

However, calcium chloride is different than rock salt or sodium chloride. Although both share chloride as a chemical property, calcium chloride has its way to melt ice. It has calcium as the base element in its chemical process which makes this compound a non-sodium chloride de-icer. On the other hand, rock salt is known as Sodium chloride (NaCI) which has sodium as its base element. If you need a calcium distributor for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ and Far Hills, NJ, then come to Anytime Property Maintenance LLC now.

Calcium chloride is a safe and effective ice melt product. Following the product instructions and brief contact is fine but you need to remember that overusing the product may cause environmental harm and excessive drying. You must be careful while using it in large quantities or applied directly to lawns and other plants.

Calcium Chloride is cost-effective compared to other ice melt products on the market. As we talked about earlier, the chemical makeup and exothermic nature of calcium chloride make it absorb moisture from the air and create substantial heat. This process melts ice faster than other ice melt products. If you are looking for a calcium distributor for ice melt in Long Valley, NJ and Far Hills, NJ, then Contact Anytime Property Maintenance LLC. Visit our website to know more information. Call us on (908) 323-5741 to get further details.


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