For Low Maintenance Foundation Planting, Go with Evergreen Plants

The basis of any landscape design depends on foundation plantings, not just how they look but what purpose they serve as well. It is important to pick the right plants to compliment your home. Professionals dealing with landscape plantings in New Jersey will tell you that these plants absorb excess from the ground and foundation, it creates a screen and protects your house from wind while also providing shade. So, which plants would professionals advise that you put in the ground to protect your foundation?

The best options are low maintenance plants. Landscape planting companies in New Jersey recommend going with evergreen plants to protect your foundation. Evergreen plants, unlike seasonal plants, beautify your foundation design throughout the year. The best evergreen plants for foundation planting are:

Junipers: Many of this kind of plant has been developed especially for complimenting foundation plantings. One example is the Irish Juniper, it is a medium sized juniper which makes it suitable for balancing the value of both the landscape and the home. They make a good screen and once their waxy blue berries develop they attract different kinds of birds. Once established they require no additional watering and only need to be pruned once a year.

> Arborvitae: Professionals dealing with plantings in New Jersey cultivate Arborvitae in a specific way to make them suitable for foundations and landscapes. Their color range varies from bright yellow to bluish-grey and their texture ranges from coarse to soft. They can grow to be various heights. Once properly established, they don’t need much maintenance.

> Boxwood: It is an evergreen shrub with broad leaves and has been used by professionals offering foundation planting services in New Jersey for years. It spreads adequately while only needing one shearing annually to maintain its shape.

The plants mentioned above are very easy to maintain which makes them suitable for foundation plantings in New Jersey.

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