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Removing a tree stump is considered a separate job altogether. The roots of trees can be double the
size of a tree. These roots are deep in the soil and cover a large area. Removal of these stumps can
lead to serious damages to people as well as their property. Removal also requires the use of
specialized machines. Therefore, it is important to use an expert and not rely on the DIY process.
Stump grinding 07760 can be the perfect solution to your tree removal service. Some people opt to
keep the stump after the tree removal, but that comes with several other side effects. Stumps left
behind can lead to the growth of honey fungus, the re-growth of the tree, and places for ferns and
moss to grow. More importantly, the stumps are a safety hazard. Many accidents occur from people
tripping over stumps. Therefore, it is always better to get the stump grinding done after the tree
Here are some tips that can be used for stump grinding:
1. You should always contact experts and get the stump grinding 07760 done. Speak to the
nearest tree removal company and see if they can help you with the stump grinding as well.
2. The use of the advanced technology can perform stump grinding efficiently and quickly.
Stump grinding machines grind stumps in a way that the roots of the tree are completely
3. If you are not in favor of using a stump grinding machine, some people believe that burning
stumps is a solution. This is not a solution because fire needs oxygen and there is a lack of
oxygen below the ground.
4. If the stump is really small, you can dig it up. You need to dig the soil about half an inch
around the diameter of the stump. It will also be easier if you diagonally cut the stump. It
should be noted that digging up a stump is hard work and can lead to injury.
5. After the removal of the stump, always remember to fill the hole with rock salt or commercial
stump killing products so that there is less chance of tree re-growth. However, always make
sure that the killer does not seep into the soil where you have other trees. Otherwise, it will
kill these trees.
Tree removal and stump grinding 07760 is the perfect solution for your tree removal services. When
trees pose a threat to houses and its occupants, it is better to remove them, instead of being sorry

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