For Foundation Planting with Low Maintenance, Go With Evergreen Plants

For Foundation Planting with Low Maintenance, Go With Evergreen Plants
The basis of any landscape design depends on foundation plantings not just in terms of looks but also in terms of purpose too. But for getting the best foundation planting, good planning is essential. Good planning results into foundation planting that compliments well with your house and enhance its value reliably. Moving into depth about foundation planting, professionals dealing with landscape plantings New Jersey say that it takes up excess water from the ground or foundation, creates a screen and protects your house from wind and sun. Now the most important question-which plants should you use for installing, or redoing the foundation?
The best choice is going for plants which require low maintenance. Plantings New Jersey recommend going for evergreen plants for they give a beautiful touch to your foundation design. Evergreen plants unlike those seasonal ones beautify the foundation design throughout the year. They also attract the native songbirds which further enhance its beauty. The most advantageous part of going with evergreen plants for foundation planting is that they require least maintenance thereby helping to save your money. Take a look at few evergreen plants best for foundation planting:
>Junipers: They come in various shapes, textures and sizes. Many of their species have been developed carefully for complimenting foundation plantings adequately. For instance-Irish Juniper: this is known as a medium size juniper whose slender size makes it one suitable for balancing the value of both the landscape and home. Also they make a good screen and at the time of the development of their waxy blue berries, they attract different types of birds. Upon establishment, these Irish junipers require no additional watering and remain satisfied with minimum pruning once a year.
>Arborvitae: They are both bred as well as crafted in equal numbers by professionals dealing with plantings, New Jersey. They cultivate them in a specified way to make them suitable for foundation and landscape plantings like Junipers. Their color range varies from bright yellow to bluish grey while the texture ranges from soft to coarse. Once properly established, they need least maintenance. Anna’ Magic Ball is one of the most popular Arborvitae which grows not more than just 2 feet in terms of height. This cute little plant has got bright yellow colored tips which enhance their beauty. When planted among a blue and grey hosta or blue colored spruce, they beautifully brighten the foundation. Another example from this category of evergreen plants prefect for foundation planting is Techny Gold. This however grows to a height of 15 feet.
>Boxwood: This one is an evergreen shrub with broad leaves and has been used by professionals offering service for foundation plantings, New Jersey since years. It spreads adequately to make the foundation look appealing. Only one shearing annually is sufficient for maintaining its shape.
These above mentioned plants are really great and easy to be maintained which eventually make them suitable for foundation plantings. For some change, professionals offering service for foundation plantings, New Jersey mix them well with certain selected deciduous and perennials and create a foundation that requires low maintenance.

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